Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Girls

wanted to post a few pics of the most adorable little girls (Iam a little partial :0)Lets start with Kaylah Leanne......My little princess....Where do I begin??? She is just an amazingly smart little girl. At one point during my pregnancy with her, I was sent to the hospital to have a NST (non stress test) and during the test ...the nurse turned to us and commented on just how strong her heart rate was and how active she was. She then proceeded with a comment that we will never forget. "You had better start saving for are going to have a very smart little girl" I don't know what made her predict this....but she could not have been more accurate. She is full of questions and does not miss a beat. She is still amazing us daily. I have a feeling she ll always be the one to keep us on our feet. She loves being a girlie girl and loves shoping for shoes and clothes( We are going to be in BIG trouble). She has to be busy at ALL times.

Then came Alivia, Kaylah has been the most amazing and proud big sister.

Alivia Mae..... My little pumpkin. I cant believe how 2 little girls can be so different but so similar. Does that make sense?? Alivia has turned into a little mommies girl...with no complaints from me ;0) She is a little cuddle bug and is just as sweet as pie. But this little girl can hold her own. She has recently just started tattling on her big sis. She LOVES books and being read to. She also loves being sung to and as even started singing along. Which just melts my heart.

She is Kaylahs number one fan and is the first person she asks for in the morning.

Who knew being their mom would be my life's calling???

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My very FIRST Blog entry

Hi Guys :0)

So I thought blogging would be a great way to keep freinds and family in "the loop" with how life is going with us and the 2 girls ....well 3 girls if you count our newest not another baby!!!! but Sadie our new black lab puppy that we adopted about a month ago from a shelter down south. Sooo not another baby but just as much work as one. The girls love, love, love her. I ll post more pics when we get them on the computer.