Thursday, January 5, 2012

Alivia's concert and gingerbread houses

 The week before Christmas was Alivias school concert and make your own gingerbread house! Adam took the day off so he could come too :0)

They had everything all set up when we got there and sweet Mrs Baglole even let Emma make her very own gingerbread house! Anna, Alivias BFF was sitting at our table,so both of my girls were excited about that!

They were so sweet together...Love when they love eachother :-)

Emma was making a big mess and I was eating all the candy ;0)

Here is Emma hanging out with the big girls Anna,Robin and Alivia

The finished product's  

So cute and I must say that vanilla frosting on graham crackers = amazing!

Here is Emma and Daddy being crazy waiting for the show to start

And there she was my sweet shy girl up on stage! Without fail EVERY TIME my kids have a concert or a game (or parent teacher conferenes) I have to hold back the tears.... I think its a mom thing. It just validates that my babies are growing old and dont need me as much. Which is a good thing too (trust me)...but makes me feel so unbelievably proud of them! Anyways ;0)

 She did great...she looked nervous a few times so I made eye contact with her a made this huge smile and wide eyed look,  and clapped like a crazy lady........ but she did awesome!

granddaddies rotary Christmas party!

 I think just about every year sine Kaylah was a baby we have been going to the Rotary party with grammy and granddaddy. It always involves Dinner (pizza & salad) and Santa! 

Here the girls are with cousin Nate waiting (patiently) for Santa to all their names

Emma was so exited when Santa walked in!!!

Kaylah and Santa

Emma and Santa...guess she only likes him from distance 

Alivia and Santa

And here is my attempt at a group shot of the cousins.... which was impossible

as you an see!