Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kaylah turns 10

In February of 2001 Adam and I found out we were going to be parents. Needless to say at the age of 17 and 18, we were in shock, nervous and unsure of what the future held for us. But very quickly those fears turned to excitement and determination. Determination to prove everyone wrong and dismiss all stereotypes on young unmarried parents. 

My last OB appointment was on 10/23/01- 1 day after Kaylah's due date. There was no sign of impending labor and was not dilated at ALL! I remember feeling sad leaving that appointment and anxious to meet her. That night we went to bed and I remember waking up to go to the bathroom around 2am. On my way back to bed I realized my upper legs were killing me. I called my mom to ask if this could be labor, she said she didnt think so. SO I hung up but before long the pain in my legs was so intense that I couldn't talk through it. We were timing just in case it was labor.....They were only 2-3 minutes apart. This picture cracks me up...we were so young. See Adams comment ? Really hurt :0)

At this point I really thought " This cant be labor, my stomach doesn't hurt, just my legs and hips did." Adam woke up his parents and we left for South Shore Hospital. I screamed at Adam the whole way there not to stop at red lights or stop signs. When we finally arrived I couldn't even sit to be admitted so they sent me right to the Maternity ward. My midwife came in and checked me...I was 7 CENTIMETERS. I was in shock I went from 0 the afternoon before to 7 while I was asleep. I begged for the epidural and things slowed way down. Finally by 11 I was fully dilated and they told me they were going to let the epidural wear off so I could push..... I am confident now that my epidural had completely wore off as the pain I experienced was unbearable X 100. But finally after along 2 + hours of pushing. My sweet sweet Kaylah Leanne was born weighing in at 9lbs 10oz and 21.5 inches long.

 And changed our lives completely for the better. As any mom would say ......There truly are no words to explain how we felt that day! I think this picture pretty much says it all.

Its REALLY hard to believe that this 10 year old is the same little girl I fell in love with 10 years ago!

These days Kaylah loves to play soccer, be with her friends, play on her new ipod touch (from her awesome parents ;) talk about boys with her friends, fight me at homework time, and of course fight with her sisters.

So longone are the days of falling asleep on me and needing me every second of the day, which makes me sad! But she is still the same sweet Kaylah 10 years later and I look forward to what the future holds for her. 

Kaylah- Yesterday I had your parent teacher conference with Mrs Hall. She told me how you are a great little girl ,a great friend and a very hard worker. Don't ever lose those qualities. I cried like a big baby in front of your teacher...Why?  because I am so very proud of who you are becoming. You are everything I could ever wish for in a daughter. We love you to the moon and back beautiful Kaylah! xoxoxo

Emma's 2nd Birthday Party

This weekend we had a small family party for Emma's 2nd Birthday 

On the Menu:

My lame attempt at cake pops....tasted good, but didnt come out the way they looked on-line!

Emma got alot of great gifts

and it was fun to see her open her own gifts for the first time

Em trying on her new boots

Emma has been obsessed with the movie Rio lately and I am bummed that you cant find much, but Auntie Kelsey found the dog from Rio and Emma was thrilled :0)

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday Dear Emma

Happy Birthday to you!!!!! 
She even sang along :0)

Thank You to all of our family and friends that came out to celebrate our sweet little Emma's 2nd birthday and for loving her as much as we do 


Monday, October 24, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sauchuk Farm Corn Maze & pic overload!

SO this weekend we finally took the girls to the corn maze. They have been patiently waiting to go, but every weekend we have been so busy. And even though poor sweet Emma girl was just getting over a double ear infection and croup we decided maybe some fresh farm air would do her good ;0)

She got A LOT of piggy back rides from Daddy

This place had a ton of fun activities for the kids.

Like this awesome jumpy 





I love this pic of Kaylah and her friend Courtney who came along with us

Emma and her friend Carlie liked being using the water pumps to race the rubber duckies

They even had a huge sandbox full of corn.... Or as Emma calls it "Coy-in"

Another year book pic for Kaylah :0)

Then we went in the maze which probably took about an hour

But they had this map where you try to punch all the holes to win a such luck on the prize but the kids liked stamping the map!

More piggy back rides for Em...She thought it was great taking off Daddies hat and putting it back on...exposing his receding hair line ;0) 

Sweet friends, that could pass as sisters!

Em and Carlie getting piggy backs together

Kisses from Mom!

Em and her Coy-In :0) This sweet girl cracks me up!

Before we left we went on the hay ride that brought you out to the pumpkin patch

Before we headed home we picked up some pumpkins for us to carve next week! Love days like this with my loves!