Thursday, September 29, 2011

If your looking for me this weekend.....

You can find me here :0)

Just me and a bunch of girls...and no kids. I have never left Adam with the kids for a weekend and Adam and I have only left the kids for a weekend, maybe twice in 10 years. All of our vacations have been for the kids. So needless to say I am feeling very sad tonight, but this girls weekend could not have come at a better time for me, I need this weekend. But boy I am going to miss my babies like crazy!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A sweet boy turns 1!!

I cant believe how fast a year flies by. It seems like I just took this pic of my awesome BFF. I think she was the cutest pregnant lady ever! This pic was taken at her baby shower a few months before Joeys Birthday!

I thought it was great that she showed up to her baby shower in a T-shirt that says "good things happen to those who mate" haa

Then a few short months later we got to meet sweet Joey for the first time

Our girls were so excited driving up to see and couldn't wait to hold him

There is just something so special about my baby holding my Best Friends baby!

Here is Joey at about a month when he came to visit

And here he is a Year Old

  Joey you are so so sweet

and not mention handsome 

And blessed with the best parents 

You are always smiling

and that smile is contagious

Happy First Birthday sweet Joey! 

Thursday, September 22, 2011


To be honest I have been so busy and overwhelmed with school. I have been opening my A&P book any chance I can. 

My Saturday mornings Iam sitting Psychology class.....So I have to miss the girls soccer games. Which I have to say I dont miss, I know that sounds awful but most times I cant even watch the game because I am chasing around Emma. Here are some pics Adam took for me.

Kaylah in her 4th year of soccer

and I still think she looks just as adorable every time she gets in her uniform.

I was however super sad I had to miss this little soccer players first game :0(
I snapped these pics before I left for class

She was so so so excited for that day...she couldn't wait to play

Kaylah has even taken on the role of Alivia's personal coach....they spent a few nights in the back yard practicing

Seriously cant get over how cute these little soccer players are :0)

Cousin Ella and Nate even came to watch Alivia's first game!

In other exciting news......... An awesome customer gave me tickets to Tuesday nights Red Sox game. I couldn't believe it...I nearly cried because he could have given these tickets to a million different people..but he chose me ,his coffee server...ha! He totally made my day and I was extremely appreciative. His next few coffee's are on me! 

I took my sister Kelsey with me :) We had a blast, the seats were amazing, awesome view and beautiful weather. So what if the old man next to me was creeping me out, I left my camera at home and the Sox lost! I had an awesome time with the best sister anyone could ask for. I was able to find my ticket that Emma had been playing with (eating) to take a picture :0) Still really bummin that I forgot my camera :(

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Camden turns 4!!!

This is our sweet and handsome nephew on his 3rd birthday :0)

Now fast forward a year

And he is blowing out 4 candles

We had an awesome time celebrating Camden this weekend. The yard was filled with family and friends that love Cam to pieces. Including this sweet little babe. 

Here he is with his grandma

Some awesome neighbors

A cute couple thats about to tie the knot in a few weeks

And lots of cousins and Aunts

Emma and her Auntie Patience 

She loved playing on Cam's playground with all the big kids

Sweet Patience

Everyone took a shot at the pinata 

Even little Emma

Here she is showing Daddy all her candy from the pinata..she was so excited!

And of course the Jumpy

And Cake

Camden Scott ~ We are so lucky to have you as our nephew. You are such a sweet and feisty little peanut and as cute as can be. The girls love you to pieces and love spending time with you and all our fun adventures and vacations wouldn't be the same without you. I remember when you were a newborn and I would just walk you around while you slept and would ball my eyes out, because I felt so lucky.....and I still feel the same way. Happy 4th Birthday Camdino xoxo