Sunday, June 26, 2011

104 days of summer vacation

 So the last day of school was Wednesday for Kaylah and Alivia. I cant believe I have a Kindergartner and a 4th grader!!! I was so sad picking up Alivia on her last day, that when I went to give her teacher a hug.....I lost it!!    
Mrs Kain is such a sweet and amazing teacher and Alivia loves her to pieces. We will miss not seeing her next year. Then I got this email from Mrs Kain today and cried some more....

Hi Erika,
 I just wanted to write to thank you for the thoughtful note & Dunkin Donuts giftcard you gave me on the last day of school.  The note was enough...the giftcard was too much, considering you also contributed to the class gift...regardless, thank you.  I have truly enjoyed having Alivia in our classroom.  She is exactly what our program is all about.  She is such a sweet little girl who was always a friend/helper to ALL of her peers.  I also loved to see the confidence that she gained from September to June...that is my goal for all students and I love when they are able to accomplish it.  I know Alivia will continue to do great things throughout her school career.  I hope to have Emma in the future ;)  Happy 4th of July & have a great summer.  Please tell Alivia I said hello.

Anyways its been rainy here lately so Thursday at Target  I picked up the Crayola Wonder paint for the girls to try. They loved it!!!!

I thought it was was still messy and Emma kept trying  to eat it!!!! haa

Emma's "cheese" face still cracks me up :0)

Friday we had Tanya and the kids over for pizza, which was fun...

Here is Emma and Addie sitting  together

This weekend my "deah" friend Sarah and Matt moved into their very own house in Hanson. We headed over there to check it out and had an awesome time. We ate pizza and sat by the fire listening to Otis play the Mandolin. I am so happy for them...It was a perfect night.  Saturday night we went to our neighbors twin boys high school graduation party, so Dallas came over and sat with the girls for us. 

Today Kaylah, Alivia and Kaylahs friend Mia had a lemonade stand. They were excited and I dont think you can read the sign to well but at the bottom it says " Our lemonade is like tasting heaven" Ok....How cute are they?

I found this pic of Alivia and Sadie on the camera.... I think Adam took the pic. So sweet :0)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Hawaiian Day

Today was Hawaiian Day at Kaylah's School. And she is decked out in all things Hawaiian. Not a very tropical day here but she looked so stinkin' cute. Coconut bra and all :0) (over a tank top ofcourse)

Alivia even got in the spirit today too!

And Emma!!

Today in Alivia's Pre-K class they celebrated all the summer Birthdays. So Alivia and I made these little goodie bags for her class! She was so excited to bring them in today! I think they came out really cute too!

The other day Kaylah had her friend Olivia over. Kaylah asked me what they could do and I joking said "You can cut the grass with scissors"  And they wanted too.Haaa I think this may break some the child labor laws :-) Dont worry Melissa....they gave up after a few minutes!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

All in a Day!!!!

So its only about 2pm here and I have managed to drop my little Alivia off at Pre-School then Emma and I ran over to see Kaylah at her Field Day at school.

Here is Kaylah and some of her friends

Also ran to Dollar Tree to get some stuff for Hawaiian Day Friday for Kaylahs Spirit week. While at Dollar Tree I found these awesome wall chalkboard stickers.

 They are perfect they came in a 2 pack for $1. So I stuck them on the girls bedroom doors. I am sure that as soon as Kaylah is out of school for the day hers will read "Stay Out" or something along those lines....Haaa

The went to Shaws to do some food shopping...which is Ohhh so fun when you have a 19 month old that you have to bribe to stay in the carriage. And the whole time she is yelling ...." I walk" over and over. 

Now Alivia is hanging out with two of her sweet friends from Pre-K, Emma is napping and I am off to study and do homework for school tonight. 

The Bruins are on tonight ..... So I wanted to share this picture. I was hysterically laughing the other night because Adam has been watching the Bruins (obviously) and has been hanging these towels he got from his friends that have gone to playoff games, under the TV in the living room. Well the other night I got home from school and went to bed. Well he decided to watch the rest of the game in bed,   so I look over and he brought the towels in our bedroom and hung them on the dresser. Ha ....He felt if he didnt do this then the B's would lose. He is a nerd...but hey maybe it will work tonight.

Monday, June 13, 2011

And the worst mother award goes to....


Seriously! Wednesday was Alivias Pre-K family picnic. I was so excited to go eat lunch with her. Emma had an appointment at 9:15 and I thought for sure we would be done in time to get to the picnic at 10:30.  Well I was wrong. Emma's appointment was because she has been randomly throwing up. Well we get there and they want to draw blood to test for allergies and other labs. So they tried twice and couldn't find her vein. So they send us to SSH to have it drawn...and they had to stick her 2 more times!!!! At this point I had already missed the picnic and just watched my baby get poked 4 too many times. I literally cried off and on all day last Wednesday. I think that having class every night is partially to blame for how I have been feeling. It stinks that Iam away from the kids every night M-F. 

Anyways this weekend we had some house guests......Auntie Dallas and Daisy!

 Which was fun!

This dog takes up my whole kitchen

And here is Kaylah .......I mean Taylor...this morning before school. Today was celebrity day at school and Kaylah wanted to be Taylor Swift. SO last minute as usual we ran to Target to find some stuff. We couldn't find any boots so a dress and cowboy hat did the trick. I put her bone straight hair in braids last night after her shower for the curly hair effect.

Monday, June 6, 2011

I CAN do this??

I can be a good mom

to 2 three girls

provide them with healthy meals

entertain them

keep a clean and organized house

keep up with laundry (well maybe not this one)

study and do my homework

All while going to school 4 nights a week (5 this week)

and getting up at 4 am for work!!!!!

and during this time I will manage to find time to look like a normal human bein

and not like a zombie!!

There my pep talk for the day :0)