Thursday, October 15, 2009

37 weeks-full term

Just updates for my own reference :0)

37 week appt-37w 2d

found out gbs +
measured 41 weeks
2 cm dilated

US at 37w3d

Emma Kate looked great

measured 8 lbs
AFI 22
cysts measured around 11 cm said I will follow up 4-6 weeks post partum
and her kidneys looked good

no more ultrasounds so the next time I see her will be in person when I cuddle her in my arms :0)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

sprinkle and 36 week appt.

Sooo my darling friends Sarah and Tanya threw Miss Emma Kate a shower this past Sunday......well its called a sprinkle actually. A sprinkle is for 2nd, 3rd etc... pregnancies. Its a smaller version of a shower just for close family and friends. Iam so grateful to have such wonderful friends and family. Emma got all sorts of cute clothes, blankets, a bouncy seat, a new swing, diapers etc... It was a huge relief as most of our baby stuff is ruined from mold in our basement. Also I feel a tad more relieved as we only have 4 weeks I feel alittle more prepared for her arrival. The sprinkle was just what I needed at this point in my pregnancy. Not to mention they had my favorite cupcakes from my favorite bakery, and delicious chicken parm from a wonderful little Italian restaurant near by.

At my 36 week appointment today they tested for gbs, gave me my pre-registration packet for the hospital, and informed me that I will now come in every week!!! :0) Ekkkkkk I cant believe we are at the end. I cant wait to hold her in my arms. At the same time I know new babies are no walk in the park. Even though they smell amazing, extremely cuddly, too cute for words and just plain miracles. Oh and I measured exactly 36 weeks today and only gained 2 pounds.