Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Irene Part II

 So not long after my last post we lost power :( ......For 48 Looooonnnngggg  hours! 

The wind was SCARY at times. There were 2 trees down on our road within an hour of each other

And our yard....well it looked like a tornado came through. With I think we counted 7 trees down in our yard.

Thankfully none hit the house or caused any damage to our property

So 48 hours with power down and 3 kids was rough. But luckily Adam's dad had a generator and let us borrow it (so thankful) which allowed us to plug  in the refrigerator, TV to watch movies, and a light. We also fortunate enough to have a gas burner and water heater. So we could cook on the stove top and take warm showers!  So it could have been much worse and I felt awful for the families around us that  had none of this.

We made the best of what we had and blew up the air mattress and all slept in the living room watching Rio

Alivia did not want to be pictured! 

Yesterday I took the kids to playground and had a pizza picnic we could get out of the house, and our yard was just not safe for them to play in with trees down and branches hanging. While we were gone my awesome brother and his friend came and cut down all the unsafe trees and cleaned up for us....So thankful for them :0)

Last night we had a no power dinner party with our friends and their kids. On the menu.... Spaghetti and garlic bread on the grill and chocolate chip cookies.....we even ate by candle light....FANCY ;0)

So now today we have power but much of Hanson is still without :( and a lot of surrounding  towns are without also. They are hoping  to restore power by this weekend......I hope A LOT sooner! All of these families are in my thoughts as I could not imagine what they are dealing  with....esp. those with young children!

Never thought  I would be so happy and thankful to run the dishwasher and catch up on laundry and thats what I will be doing  today :0)

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Today the kids are experiencing their very first Hurricane.They have been hanging  out  on our bed with Sadie listening  to all the trees breaking in the woods.They are on the other hand petrified that one of the dead trees are going  to fall and land on the house

This morning  we woke up to this

thankfully not near the house

Soooo today we will be spending  the day inside being lazy in our jammies,  hoping to not lose power and trying to enjoy the storm without any issues :0)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our day at the Plymouth Waterfront

Today we met up with Melissa and Family and headed to Plymouth to check out the new water park and go for lunch!

Everyone loved it! Emma was not a fan of being directly in the water. The sprinklers take turns so this particular one shut Emma went to investigate

Splash....right in her face...poor little thing. Maybe I laughed a little ....maybe I didnt ;0)

Here are some cute shots of cute kids at a fun water park :0)

 After we walked over to the playground right next to the water park

 Emma went on the swings

And so did handsome Nathan

After we headed to Mama Mia's for Pizza....
To Cupcake Charlies for YUMMY and they better be for almost $3 a cupcake :0)

We got......

Carrot Cake......for me
Fun fetti.....Emma
Chocolate Chip Cookie....Alivia's Pick
Peanut Butter Cup.......for my awesome hubby
Mint Madness........Kaylah's pick
Red, for later ....:0)

We took them and sat over by the water to enjoy them....and they were delicious!

It was a great way to spend one of the last days of summer vaca ....6 more days till schools starts, not that I am counting :0)