Thursday, October 15, 2009

37 weeks-full term

Just updates for my own reference :0)

37 week appt-37w 2d

found out gbs +
measured 41 weeks
2 cm dilated

US at 37w3d

Emma Kate looked great

measured 8 lbs
AFI 22
cysts measured around 11 cm said I will follow up 4-6 weeks post partum
and her kidneys looked good

no more ultrasounds so the next time I see her will be in person when I cuddle her in my arms :0)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

sprinkle and 36 week appt.

Sooo my darling friends Sarah and Tanya threw Miss Emma Kate a shower this past Sunday......well its called a sprinkle actually. A sprinkle is for 2nd, 3rd etc... pregnancies. Its a smaller version of a shower just for close family and friends. Iam so grateful to have such wonderful friends and family. Emma got all sorts of cute clothes, blankets, a bouncy seat, a new swing, diapers etc... It was a huge relief as most of our baby stuff is ruined from mold in our basement. Also I feel a tad more relieved as we only have 4 weeks I feel alittle more prepared for her arrival. The sprinkle was just what I needed at this point in my pregnancy. Not to mention they had my favorite cupcakes from my favorite bakery, and delicious chicken parm from a wonderful little Italian restaurant near by.

At my 36 week appointment today they tested for gbs, gave me my pre-registration packet for the hospital, and informed me that I will now come in every week!!! :0) Ekkkkkk I cant believe we are at the end. I cant wait to hold her in my arms. At the same time I know new babies are no walk in the park. Even though they smell amazing, extremely cuddly, too cute for words and just plain miracles. Oh and I measured exactly 36 weeks today and only gained 2 pounds.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ultrasound Today 35 weeks!!

Well Iam so happy to report all good news from todays US. It was starting to feel like everytime I went there was another issue to worry about. But not today. Miss Emma Kate seemed as happy as could be. I was happy too that we got a nice US tech...some of them just shouldnt be working at a Perinatologist office if they cant smile or be friendly. Anyhoo the little lady is already weighing in at 6lbs :0). You could even see her peach fuzz hair. I cant wait to hold her in my arms. But Ill wait as long as it takes for her to be ready and to come out healthy. Other wonderful news is my cysts on my ovaries are now only measuring 9.5 cm instead of 12 cm. Here is to hoping they will go away on there own and I wont need surgery after delivery. Also my amniotic fluid was at 17 which is up from 10.9 3 weeks ago YAY. So a few less things to worry about.

I feel so behind on getting everything ready for Iam going to try to organize my thoughts and figure out everything we are going to need. Seeing that we only have 5 weeks left!!! But we did fianlly get our new camera to take lots of pictures of our 3 little ladies :0)

Friday, September 25, 2009


Well Iam finally on here to document our 3rd pregnancy and 3rd girl. Iam alittle late into the game. 34 weeks late to be exact :0) I have always thought blogging to be a wonderful way to document big changes in life, but never got around to it. So here is to hoping can keep this up. So well start from the beginning.

In September of 2008 we decided to start trying for #3. Each month brought more and more negative tests and tears. I started to worry why I wasnt getting pregnant right away like I did with Kaylah and Alivia. Then a week before Christmas I got positive.... I was soo excited..It was perfect. I couldn't wait to tell Adam. I remember casually telling him on the couch while we were watching TV... We were thrilled. Our excitement lasted a only a week . As I started bleeding a day before Christmas. It was a chemical pregnancy. I then made an appt. with my OBgyn for some test. Everything was normal. Except for some small cysts on my right ovary that she said should help my fertility. We went on to have another CP the following month. Only to find out in February that we were expecting again. We were very cautiously optimistic that this pregnancy would stick. Here are the details :0)

1/26/08: LMP

Feb 08: Multiple (5) home test + and getting darker every couple days.

March 2nd 08: 1st blood work
hcg: 724 :0)
prog: 33

March 9th: 2nd blood draw
hcg: 20926
prog: 20?? concerned it had dropped

March 16th: 3rd blood draw
hcg: 40,080
prog: 23.8

March 19th: US tiny flickering HB of 100. Doctors are concerned said HR should have been higher.

March 26th: US HB 140's yaayy :0)!!!!!!

April 24th: Nucheal fold US 12w3d .... NT measurement of 1.6
followed by wonderful AFP blood results :0)

June 2nd: Its a girl !!!!!! :0) Have to come back in a few weeks didn't get all the heart shots.....Little lady was not cooperating. Everything else looks great!!

June 24th: Heart looks perfect :0) They make note that cysts on R ovary are growing. And have since been having monthly US at MFM at SSH to monitor growth of cysts. Staying stable!!!

September: Finally agree on a name Emma Kate Ryan. Same initials as her mom :0)

Sept 10th: US reveals baby weighs almost 5 lbs but has small amount of fluid on kidneys normal is up to 5 and hers is measuring a 6. Follow up in a month. AFI 10.9

Sept 13th-15th: Admitted to SSH for SEVERE right sided pain. US revealed cysts are still stable ,placenta looks good, not in labor...but little lady is transverse. Iam thinking this was causing the pain.

Sept 21st: 34 week apt. Doctor confirms Emma is now head down again where she belongs :0)

Pheeeewwwwwww That was alot.