Sunday, November 18, 2012

Weekend Re-Cap

I am so excited that we are getting so close to the holiday's. For two reasons....One being this is my favorite time of the year!! Love,love,love everything about Thanksgiving and Christmas, the food, lots of family time, decorating, lights, Christmas music,  my Christmas scented candles, seeing the excitement in the kids, I could go on and on. How can this time of the year not make you happy? And of course getting closer and closer to meeting Lyla!!! We have only 4 more weekends until my due date!!!!!! Eeek So lately our weekends consist of getting things checked off our to-do list! Well its mostly a list I made for Adam of things I cant do ;0) While I have been cleaning (nesting) like crazy around here! Everything from floor boards to dusting the crown molding.

In between cleaning and preparing this weekend we ...........................

Took care of two sick little girls!! Alivia and Emma caught hand foot and mouth and have been battling fevers and sore blister lined mouths :(

Saturday Kelsey and Brendon came over and watched Alivia and Emma while Adam and I met up with his parents, sister and brother in law to see a comedy show. While Kaylah got to go see the Little Mermaid play with friends at the High School and have a sleepover.

(before we left....Lyla and I)

Sunday Alivia and I (Emma wanted no part in it) made an Indian headband for thanksgiving and she wrote all of the things she was thankful for on the feathers.

Kaylah had her friend Maya over and I made a scavenger hunt list for them to look for in the woods. Which kept them busy for awhile! Will definitely be doing this again when the girls are looking for something to do!

 Which brings us to now.....where I am currently still in my pj's exhausted from staying up too late and waking up too early....counting down the minutes until bedtime!