Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lyla's Birthday

Finally........she is 3 weeks old and I am just now getting to this. I guess I could get away without ever writing the details of her birth down, as like the other 3 it is a day we will never forget. Some may think that the 4th child's Birthday is not as exciting as the first, but all 4 of their birthdays are days that I will treasure forever and reflect on them each year when their special day rolls around.

Lyla was due to arrive on the 16th of December,I thought for sure I would NOT make it to the 16th. After all this was my 4th and I had been having braxton hicks contractions for weeks. I remember feeling anxious to meet her yet nervous to become a mom of 4! As the the 16th came and went I grew more and more nervous of going into labor on or around Christmas and missing being home with the girls. I was scrambling to get all of my Christmas shopping done and wrapped and everything prepared for Adam. Let me add that wrapping presents while 9 months pregnant is NOT an easy task (Iam surprised that alone didnt put me into labor) My Dr had me go up to the hospital for an NST and Ultrasound and to meet with a Dr to discuss my options as I was 3 days late. The NST and Ultrasound showed that Lyla was happy where she was. My plan all along was to try for a VBAC and because of the previous C-section my options for induction was limited. I left the hospital feeling a little sad that she wasn't ready,as I was secretly hoping they would just admit me and we would get to meet her! But we left with a date December 25th.

Early Christmas Eve Morning (8 days past due) I woke up to strong contractions about 6-10 minutes apart. I woke up Adam and he frantically packed the kids up to bring to his moms and we headed to the hospital, only to be sent home a few hours later as the contractions stopped.

Christmas Day came and I was a nervous wreck all day. I was told to expect a call from Labor and Delivery around dinner time to head in. So after 4pm every time the phone rang my heart dropped. They finally called and told us to head up around 7pm.  We arrived,met our awesome nurse,got checked in and went over the plan of action. Which was to insert the foley bulb to dilate my cervix and hopfuly kick start labor. So they inserted the foley (OUCH!!!) and turned down the lights and told us to get some sleep. Adam did just that, me on the other hand couldn't between the anxiety and infrequent contractions I maybe slept 3 hours.

 The next day was a whole lot of painful contractions and walking around the hospital to help things along and to peek into the nursery to get a look at the sweet newborn babies. Finally sometime after lunch the Foley bulb came out, I was dilated to a 5-6 :)

 We spent the next few hours breathing through painful contractions, bouncing on the birthing ball and more walking. Finally at about 8-9 centimeters I got the epidural!!!!Auntie Kelsey arrived and 2 hours and 3 pushes later our Beautiful Lyla Reese entered this world the day after Christmas at 10:59 pm weighing in at 9lbs 4oz and 21 inches long. They laid her on me and all I could do was cry. I kissed Adam and we looked at each other in amazement. I was so thankful she was here, she was healthy and she was beautiful. She is perfect!!!! I wouldn't change a thing about that day.....It was amazing!

In that moment Adam and I became the proud parents of 4 beautiful girls!

Happy Happy Birthday Lyla Reese!