Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Was lame here in Hanson. I have to admit I was hoping for a little more excitement. On the flip side after watching news coverage after the fact I am thankful,as she really did cause havoc on other parts of the East Coast. As for us she was more of an annoyance. 

That morning I ran my sick Emma to the pediatrician for her cough and fever (bronchitis) I felt like I was rushing around to get home before the storm hit so I could catch up on laundry and clean before we lost power. Which doesnt take much on our street, we always lose power!!!!!

And this time was no different....for about 24 hours we were without, but thankfully we have a generator. This allowed us to plug in our refrigerator, freezer, tv, a lamp, and phone charger!   

Being without, sure makes you thankful for the little things. Like not having to hold a flashlight while getting up to go to the bathroom a million times in the middle of the night ;) Or not having to worry if your phone will die so you can check Facebook!

I made a pasta dinner by candlelight and we all ate in the living room while we watched TV. The kids loved this :) They also loved that school was canceled for 2 days!!!!! I however did not love that part!